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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day of Onion, Day of Honey

Here's today's kind review from Booklist. May I say that I feel understood? Is that kosher to say?

"As teenagers in the 1970s, Lana and Rose were typical BFFs: joined at the hip, flowing goddesses high on groovitude. Daring each other, baring their secrets, they tried on different mantles of pseudo-adulthood, with Lana emerging the stronger personality, Rose her willing supplicant. At the core of it all were Vic,Lana’s father, a counterculture guru with a cultlike following, and her mother, Mary, an early feminist educator. Stressed by the increased demands of his notorious career, however, Vic’s temper explodes one day, and he murders Mary in a fit of professional and romantic jealousy. Swiftly convicted and sentenced to death row, Vic is abandoned by his daughter but not her friend. Though Rose and Lana drift apart, attorney Rose makes it her life’s mission to track elusive Lana down in order to reunite her with Vic in
2008, just days before his execution—a meeting Lana works hard to avoid. In this intense and tumultuous tale, Meidav adeptly limns the dark and sinuous obsessions of friendship with penetrating insights. — Carol Haggas