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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful New Film for LOLA just released now

Lola, California: A Novel

Dear friends,

The great director Rebecca Dreyfus just made this beautiful movie in honor of LOLA coming out very soon -- See what you think.


She used two students of mine and our upstate New York locale, and somehow emerged with a beautiful palette reminiscent of all those 70s films I used to watch back in my lost youth.

Incredible soundtrack by one of my musical heroes, Kevin Salem, who had many interesting alternative soundtracks as well; some sounded like a lost Mexican opera singer was crying her heart out alongside Highway Five. Please note: next week, Salem is coming out with a whole album, available for free, online, with songs composed for LOLA.

I am really thankful.

Please see it and, as they say, if it finds grace in your eyes, recommend it to your Facebook or Internet masses! For this is how I understand such things work. Ask them to pass it on, come to the readings this summer, all that.

(July 9, Oblong/Rhinebeck; July 16, The Golden Notebook/Woodstock; July 20, Elliott Bay/Seattle; July 23, The Gallery/Mendocino with Beth Lisick; July 28, Bay Area book launch, Mrs. Dalloway's/Berkeley; July 30, 4-Eyed Frog, Gualala with Sharon Doubiago; August 4, Book Passage with Oscar Villalon in San Francisco; August 5, A Great Good Place for Books with Carolyn Cooke in Montclair, CA; later on, Merritt Bookstore and elsewhere . . .)

Until soon,

Yours in the moviesphere,


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  1. Beautiful film, Edie! And way to put the Bard students to work.... I can't wait to read the book.

    -- Paul